Consumer Fraud

Information on prevention and rights related to consumer fraud.

Avoiding Fake Check Scams

Scams involving fake checks are common.  There are also scams involving fake money orders.  We all need to double check the source of unfamiliar checks or money orders before putting them into our personal bank accounts.  Otherwise, we end up paying the bank ourselves. 

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By: Iowa Legal Aid

Tax Fraud Scheme Targets Social Security Recipients

If your only income is SSDI and you didn’t have any taxes withheld or your only income is SSI, it is not likely you will be getting a tax refund. Tax scammers may try to convince you otherwise, but they are wrong.

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By: Iowa Legal Aid

Mortgage Rescue Scams

Are you a homeowner who is behind in mortgage payments or facing foreclosure?

Help is available but you need to be careful. Many businesses and persons will promise to help you with mortgage problems and save your home. Many times, these promises are not true. They may be scams to get money without providing any help at all.

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By: Iowa Legal Aid

Predatory Lending

Iowans should take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of a "Predatory Lender." Predatory lenders take advantage of unsuspecting consumers by marketing and making mortgage loans with vastly inflated interest rates and fees and other burdensome terms. Predatory lending is a serious problem throughout the country, one that can leave you penniless and homeless. Elderly Iowans are especially at risk because they often have substantial equity in their homes, low fixed incomes, and a need for funds to pay medical bills or home repairs.

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By: Iowa Legal Aid

Additional Resources

  • Iowa Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General

The Consumer Protection Division generally oversees manufacturer compliance with Iowa's Defective Motor Vehicles Law, also known as the Lemon Law. The Lemon Law is designed to allow car owners to pursue complaints on their own. We hope this information will help answer your questions about the Lemon Law. For independent legal advice, you should consider contacting a private attorney.

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