Help for Iowans Facing Job Loss

Help for Iowans Facing Job Loss

Information about resources for people facing job loss.

Overview of Help for Iowans Facing Job Loss

What are unemployment benefits?
  • For people who are unemployed or working reduced hours through no fault of their own
  • Also called unemployment insurance
  • Paid for by employers who are covered by Iowa Employment Security Law
  • Administered by Iowa Workforce Development (IWD)

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The Unemployment Insurance Program

Who is Eligible for Benefits?

Unemployment insurance is a program that gives benefits to some workers who become unemployed. If the worker has not worked enough recently, he or she may not be insured and so not receive any benefits. Persons claiming unemployment file a claim though Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) Much information about the program as well as applications and appeal forms can be found on the web at
The basic eligibility requirements are the same for everyone. 
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Common Issues in Qualifying for Unemployment Benefits

The sudden loss of a job can be devastating. The income of the job is gone but bills still must be paid. Unemployment benefits can help you get by until you find a new job. This article answers common questions about qualifying for unemployment benefits.

  • Where do I apply for Unemployment Benefits?

You can apply for benefits at the closest Iowa Workforce Develpment (IWD) office or online at .

  • I did not work very long for my employer. Can I still get unemployment benefits?

You might be able to get benefits. IWD will look at your wages from your last job and your prior jobs to see if you qualify.

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Fact-Finding Hearings and Appeals for Unemployment Benefits

Many people who file for unemployment have to go through a hearing to find out if they get benefits. Here is an overview of this process.

What happens when my application is contested?

You and your employer will have a fact-finding interview with a representative from Iowa Workforce Development (IWD). Both you and your employer will get a "Notice of Unemployment Insurance Fact-Finding Interview." This notice will tell you the date and time of the interview. It will also have the telephone number IWD will use to call you.
The IWD representative will call you at the time of the fact-finding interview.

If you cannot take part in the fact-finding interview at the scheduled time, let IWD know right away. Otherwise, you may lose your benefits.

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Paying Back an Overpayment of Unemployment Benefits

Sometimes you get unemployment benefits when you are not supposed to. You will have to pay them back. How can this happen?

Let's say you apply for benefits. You win benefits after the fact-finding interview. You start getting unemployment benefits. The employer has ten days to appeal the decision. The employer does appeal. An administrative law judge is now going to hear your case. If the judge says you should not get benefits, you will have to pay the unemployment benefits back. There can be many different reasons why you are not eligible to get unemployment benefits. You are not eligible to get benefits if you quit your job without a good reason. You are not eligible if your employer fires you and has a good reason for firing you.

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