Ask an Attorney - Using and Locating an Attorney

Ask an Attorney - Using and Locating an Attorney

The most important things to consider when finding a lawyer is that they 1) have the expertise in the area of that law that you are seeking legal assistance with and 2) that you feel comfortable trusting them to handle your legal matter. Watch this video to learn more about finding and hiring a lawyer.

When do I need and how do I go about finding an attorney?

There are two primary times when you need a lawyer:

  • Whenever you are involved in the court system, to the extent that you can, you should utilize a lawyer because a lawyer will have the expertise to assist you in your legal matter;
  • When you have an important matter that is confronting you like a will, forming a business or a contract.

One way to find a lawyer is to ask a friend or someone that that you trust who used lawyers in the past for similar matters. Another way is to search the internet for a lawyer. For example, The Iowa State Bar Association offers information about Iowa lawyers on its website (Iowa Find-A-Lawyer).

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